Jul 30, 2010

Friday Finds: Purple Daffodil Necklace

Purple Daffodil Necklace by KhalliahDesign
Purple Daffodil flower and antique copper necklace
Originally uploaded by KhalliahDesign.

This beautiful acrylic and copper flower necklace is a great anytime accessory for a jewelry lover. It’s simple materials and gorgeous design make it suitable for just about any outfit, and it can go from day to night or summer to winter!

Pairing bright colors with metals is a signature look at Khalliah Design, where you can find many more delicious jewelry designs like these. Visit the shop to see a great collection of handmade necklaces, earrings and more!

Copyright 2010 Oh Canada Team and Khalliah Design

Jul 29, 2010

Shop Critique: bstudio

One thing that most Etsy Help guides will tell you is that you’ve got to keep improving, growing and trying new things. A dynamic and exciting shop is the key to being found and followed by lots of loyal customers.

The Oh Canada Team hopes to help our members and readers to grow as Etsy sellers by offering in-depth shop critiques. Our very first examination was for Brenda of bstudio - a seller on Etsy since November, 2007.

Store Front

First Impressions

Your banner and avatar are really excellent. The banner shows your products without being too busy, and displays the name of your shop. It’s clear, crisp and easy to take in. The matching avatar is great - it shows a clear example of the wonderful things you have in your shop.

The tagline for your shop - Silk ribbon embroidery for you and your home - is also very good. This is the first thing that search engine crawlers will see when they are trying to categorize your pages. Your tagline explains exactly what your shop is about, and with good keywords!

bstudio.etsy.com Front Page


The shop announcement is really good - it explains what you make and why I should choose your products, without being too pushy. It’s also short enough to allow your three featured items to show when the page first loads. Most people that land on your first page aren’t going to read your announcement right away, so you’re already WOWing them with your products!

My only suggestion would be to switch out some of your links. While your blog, Facebook and Flickr pages can help you make an ongoing connection with customers and fans, having the links in your storefront uses up really valuable space. Most people who truly want to follow you will know to check your Profile section for social networking links. And you can always include some of the information in your default ‘message to buyer’.

It’s often a good idea to write policies and descriptions as if the reader has never shopped online or visited Etsy before. This way, your shop is accessible to newcomers. If you move social links to your Profile, you can free up some room to link to the other shop sections that you mention in your announcement.

For example:

Please read my Shop Policies page before purchase: http://www.etsy.com/shop_policy.php?user_id=5435455

Featured Listings from bstudio.etsy.com


The first page of an Etsy shop is usually the place that gets the most views, except on days when a specific item is getting high traffic, perhaps from a Front Page treasury. It should be as beautiful as can you can make it!

Although creating a neat arrangement of your listings means having to redo it every time you list or renew, it can make browsing through your items much more pleasant for shoppers. I recommend treating your first page of listings just like a treasury! Use color, style, technique, or whatever works for you, and change it up occasionally to make things look fresh.


You have a lot of different types of products, so it’s great to see all of them in easy to understand categories. This makes shopping so much simpler! I do recommend organizing the section titles so that they have a flow. Right now you’ve got them grouped in pairs by style, which works. If you feel like experimenting, I might suggest sorting by function like this:

embroidered cards
pillows and pillow covers
ring pillows
wedding accessories
jewelry boxes
sachets and home accessories
framed pieces

I didn’t include the custom order section, because you don’t really need one. It will always be empty, except when you’re waiting for someone to complete payment. Although it does indicate that you do custom work, if a visitor really wanted to know that, they would investigate your policies or send you a message. Even if a section was called “Nothing Here”, all customers would really see is the big zero.


Your profile is really excellent. You’ve got important news right at the top, followed by a little background on you and your work. The bio that you’ve given allows visitors to identify with you as an artist and a seller, but doesn’t reveal anything we don’t need to know about you. It’s friendly, but no too personal.

Your list of features and press is also great - it lets bloggers and editors know that you’re open to a little publicity, plus gives back to those who have featured you.

Shop Policies


One thing that every welcome section needs is an alternative way to contact you. A casual visitor, magazine editor or other interested party might not want to start an Etsy account just to ask you a question. If you provide your email address, you can communicate with potential shoppers on their terms.


This section has all of the information that it needs, but as a fellow Etsian, it gives me the impression that you’ve had a lot of problems with scams and non-paying buyers. I would recommend writing your payment policy as if you’re talking to the nicest customer you’ve ever had.


I love your shipping policies. It covers everything a buyer would want to know, and encourages communication with you. It’s also firm and unapologetic. Selling and shipping worldwide is tough for a one-person business, and you often see policies that sound like the seller was cringing when they wrote them. Yours gives buyers reassurance that you’ve got plenty of experience and will treat their order seriously.

Refunds and Exchanges

This section has the same confidence as above. The only thing I recommend is giving a clear time frame for lost orders. How long would you like customers to wait for packages before you will consider replacing their order?

A Great Listing Example from bstudio.etsy.com

Additional FAQs

This is a great place to explain your custom order process, which you have done. Excellent!


You’ve got lots of information on your Alchemy page, which is super. Doing custom work is a great way to make sales on Etsy, and answering as many questions as you can, before they are asked, will give shoppers the confidence to start a dialogue with you.

I recommend giving a little more information about completion times, and your design process. For instance, will you help customers find the patterns, colors or embellishments they want? If you don’t have the correct materials on hand, how much time can it add to the order?



Your item titles are really good. They describe what the product is with lots of useful keywords, but are still easy for humans to read and understand.


All of the photos in your shop are really good. They are beautiful and functional. Each listing has a grabber of a first photo, plus plenty of angled shots to show buyers exactly what they are getting. My only suggestion would be to experiment with different amounts of light and assorted angles, and see what happens!

bstudio.etsy.com Sold Items

While browsing through your Sold section, I noticed that you use an avatar for custom and reserved listings. Once they are paid for, this makes your order section look great - the fact that you do custom work stands out. However, between the time that you list the item and when it is paid for, you may be missing out on a lot of clicks. Even if you use a picture of one of your products with a border or watermark, your custom listings can bring in a lot more lookers if you move the avatar to the last photo slot.


The flow of your item descriptions is great. You start with by telling visitors what it is and what it does, the color, materials and techniques, then give clear dimensions. You also provide measurements in Imperial and metric, which is much appreciated by international shoppers. The end of the description usually includes information about variations or custom orders - also excellent.

There is only one thing that your descriptions are missing, and it’s a big one. Every item should include a link back to your shop. Once a visitor clicks on one of your thumbnails, there are dozens of links that will take them away from your shop - possibly forever. Etsy is a big place, and it’s important to keep shoppers clicking in your own shop for as long as possible, to reduce your bounce rate. Even if they don’t make a purchase, they might enjoy the experience enough to heart, bookmark or even email your address to a friend.

A Back-linked Listing from bstudio.etsy.com

There are lots of different ways that you can include a back-link. Your shop main page, shop policies or Alchemy section are the basics. You can also link to a similar or coordinating item - which you sometimes do. You can even create a link to all of the items in your shop with the same color, flower, or fabric. Just do a search from your own main page and copy the URL from your browser.


I didn’t see any serious problems with your tags. They all seem to be within the Etsy tagging guidelines, and you have a good variety of search terms.

You’re also making great use of the materials section, which is just as important as tags. Savvy shoppers and serious treasury makers use Materials search all the time, so it’s good to be thorough. It also helps visitors learn more about the product they are viewing, which is important in a market that attracts many eco-conscious consumers.


Your prices seem really reasonable. Maybe even too reasonable. Even doubling some of your prices wouldn’t raise a lot of eyebrows. Not only are your products really exquisite, but you’ve been at it a long time, and you deserve to be paid for your experience. Depending on the pricing method that you use, it might be a good time to raise either your labor prices, or your markup. Believe it or not, raising your prices a bit can actually increase sales.


bstudio is the kind of shop that makes others proud to be an Etsy seller. It’s great example to us all of what we can accomplish if we stick to it, providing a great product and great service.

Keep up the great work!

Shop critiques are provided by request to our members and guests. This critique was written by Mortira, and does not necessarily reflect the views of Oh Canada and it’s members. All forms of Etsy advice and tips are given from a personal perspective. Before trying out a new method for your shop, we advise you to conduct your own research, and do what’s right for you.

Please also note that the shop featured here may have changed since this critique was published. While you are welcome to use any of the tips provided, we do not recommend making a comparison between the featured shop and your own.

Copyright 2010 Oh Canada and bstudio

Jul 27, 2010

Tag Workshop: Eclipse Asymmetrical Necklace

Most Etsy sellers will tell you that having a really great first photo is the key to getting views, and ultimately, sales. It’s true that a fantastic and interesting photo invites people into your shop, but having really great tags is what helps you turn up in their searches. The Oh Canada Tag Workshop aims to help sellers find new ideas for tagging their items that will help shoppers find them.

Eclipse Asymmetrical Gemstone Necklace by Joanniel Creations
Eclipse Asymmetrical Gemstone Necklace
by Joanniel Creations

This week, our tag workshop will focus on a lovely gemstone necklace by Joanniel Creations. The description reads:

This necklace is a beautiful, asymmetrical piece of wearable art. It starts out as one chain and leads into two chains after the black beads on either side. The Outer chain has the agate gemstones and the inner chain has the brushed metal pieces. You can wear this necklace with the beads on the right or on the left. The choice is yours.

Heather Lair Designs suggests these tags:

jewelry, necklace, glass beads, original design,
agate, ohcanadateam, toggle clasp,
gray, black, chain,

soapstar recommends:

, necklace, asymmetrical, gemstones,
agate, diamond shaped, rhodium, silver, chain,
black, glass, brown, cream, ohcanadateam.

Oh So Sweet Prints suggests:

, necklace, adjustable, one of a kind
handmade, asymmetrical, beads, gemstones
unique, black, silver, double chain, Joanniel

And the actual tags are:

jewelry, necklace, glass, stone, black,
white, asymmetrical, brown, long,
bulky, agate, caramel, silver, collier

Each list contains great examples of What and How tags. What is it made of, and how do you use it? When choosing words to describe the materials or style of your design, you can get creative and imagine what shoppers might ask for when looking for a similar piece. You can even list alternative words for color, or use different languages.

For more tagging help, check out:

Tag Finder Tool
Front Page Tags
Etsy DOs and DON’Ts
Guidelines and Tips for Tagging

Check in with Oh Canada every Tuesday for more ideas and tips for finding the best Etsy tags for your listings!

Copyright 2010 Oh Canada Team and Joanniel Creations

Jul 26, 2010

Stone of the Month: Ruby

Jaipur Rani Indian Ruby Earring by Vitrine
Jaipur Rani Indian Ruby Earrings
by Vitrine

July’s birthstone is the beautiful, elegant ruby. These red gemstones are closely related to sapphires, and get their unique coloring from a high presence of chromium. They are typically mined throughout the Middle East and Asia, with large deposits in Myanmar, and more recently, Greenland. Genuine rubies are the second hardest gemstone in nature - second only to diamonds.

Throughout history, rubies have been used to represent fire, heat, passion and power. Thus, they have been a favorite material to adorn everything from armor to trinkets. The ruby has often been used a gift to show everlasting love. Called “The King of Gemstones” in India, the ruby has been a favorite among royalty in many cultures for centuries.

Rubies were also considered to be a symbol of blood, and therefore to have healing powers. Ground or crushed rubies have been used in medicinal cures, as talismans against illness, and charms for strength in battle.

Carnation Pink Ruby Ring by Birch Beer Boutique
Carnation Pink Ruby Ring
by Birch Beer Boutique

The flame of rubies is a perfect stone for this hot summer month. Ruby is also the traditional gift for 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries. Like most gemstones, a ruby’s quality is determined by it’s clarity, which makes it easy to substitute with affordable, sustainable materials like glass and crystal.

Copyright 2010 Oh Canada

Jul 23, 2010

Friday Finds: On the Wall

Summer is a great time to get around to all those DIY projects that you’ve been putting off. The warm, dry weather provides the perfect opportunity to drag out your old furniture, and give it a beating or a new coat of paint. And if you’re ambitious enough to tear down a wall or two, it’s better to do it when there’s little chance of rain. Renovations are also a great time to make your space more green, like switching to insulated windows or sustainable heating sources.

Of course, we don’t all have the funds, or the time, to do a big Mike Holmes job. But you can still freshen up your home or office, update your look, or cover up some building blemishes in a snap. A new slip cover for the sofa or a picture on the wall can make all the difference.

Etsy is a great place to shop when you want to make a change in your home décor, and there are plenty of great artists to choose from. The Oh Canada Team is home to some fantastic fine art and photography pieces that you just might love!

I Am at Peace Original Acrylic Painting by Joanniel
I Am at Peace - Original Acrylic
By Joanniel Creations

Sunset Huge Original Oil Painting by Shanna Creations
Sunset - Original Oil
By Shanna Creations

Rose Art Print by Cathy Jares
Rose - Print
By Cathy Jares for Brynn Alex

Blue Throat Chakra Record Mandala by Benny and the Jet
Blue Throat Chakra - Vinyl Record Mandala
By Benny and the Jet

Turquoise Love Fairy Mixed Media Art by Sunnyland Studio
Turquoise Love Fairy - Original Mixed Media
By Sunnyland Studio

Ghost's Whisper Original ACEO by Art with Meaning
Ghost’s Whisper - Original ACEO
By Art with Meaning

Howling Wolf Acrylic on Wood by The Backyard Bear
Howling Wolf - Original Acrylic on Wood
By The Backyard Bear

Riding High Fine Art Photo Print by bomobob
Riding High - Fine Art Photo Print
By bomobob

After Franklin Digital Art Print by Something Bunny
After Franklin - Digital Art Print
By Something Bunny

Scottish Urn Original Watercolor Painting by My Artistic Soul
Scottish Urn - Original Watercolor
By My Artistic Soul

Friendship Original Acrylic on Canvas by taibossigai
Friendship - Original Acrylic
By taibossigai

Soaking Up the Sun Original Acrylic Painting by Wabi Brook Studio
Soaking Up the Sun - Original Acrylic
By Wabi Brook Studio

Want to see more? Whatever your tastes, chances are the Oh Canada Team has something for you! Include the phrase "OhCanadaTeam" in your searches on Etsy.com to see what our talented artists are making. You can also check out some of our latest Oh Canada Team Treasuries!

Copyright 2010 Oh Canada Team

Jul 22, 2010

Behind the Lens: Blue Jeans Jewelry

Crazy Lace Blue Agate Necklace by Blue Jeans Jewelry

Taking the perfect Etsy photograph is a tall order. Even the most experienced sellers and photographers will tell you that there is always more to learn about getting just the right shot to showcase your product. What makes the Etsy community so wonderful is that sellers are always willing to share their experience and insight to help newcomers improve their skills. With Behind the Lens, we invite you to meet some of our talented Oh Canada Team members, and learn how they create great shop photos.

Blue Jeans Jewelry, aka aosta, has been in business on Etsy since April of 2010. Andrea’s jewelry photos are really enticing - elegant and sophisticated. Here’s how she does it:

Oh Canada: What type of camera do you use? What do you like/dislike about it?

Andrea: I use a Canon T1i Rebel, and I really love this camera. Photography is not my forte, but with just a bit of reading, and some help from my husband, I've been able to get some really beautiful photos. I really cannot say anything bad about this camera, I just have to put more time in getting to know her.

Oh Canada: How do you light your images?

Andrea: I rely on natural sunlight for my photos. I mainly use my large, south facing window. We have a large overhang, so there is rarely direct sunlight, just nice, bright light.

Oh Canada: Do you use a light box? Is it handmade or professional?

Andrea: I have not tried a light box yet, but I've some of the results I've seen make it tempting to try.

Oh Canada: What materials do you like to use for backgrounds? Which ones work best and why?

Copper Wire Cabochon and Crystal Pendant by Blue Jeans Jewelry

Andrea: Most of my photos are just a plain white background, but I have been playing around with a few different props. I try to look at the nature of the item I'm photographing and then chose an appropriate background. For a wire-wrapped stone, I used stones as the background and really liked the effect.

Oh Canada: Do you ever use models or props for staging your photos? Why or why not?

Andrea: I have not used a model yet. The main reason is that I do not know anyone willing.

Oh Canada: What’s your best tip for staging product shots?

Andrea: I'm still really quite new at this, but my favourite tip so far has been to use natural light, and never, ever use the flash.

Oh Canada: What’s the minimum number of photos you take per item?

Andrea: It depends on whether or not my idea is working out or not, but I tend to take between 10 and 20 shots of an item, sometimes more.

Oh Canada: Do you edit your photos before using them? What program do you use?

Andrea: I sometimes edit the photos, usually just to soften the shadows, and I use Photoshop.

Oh Canada: In your opinion, what makes a great “first photo” on Etsy?

Andrea's Favorite Photography Area

Andrea: I like the first photo to be artsy, and leave a bit to the imagination, making you want to see more. The rest of the shots, I prefer to be straightforward.

Oh Canada: When making treasuries, what do you look for in a first photo?

Andrea: When putting together a treasury, I'm usually looking for a mood, and that comes down to the overall colour or hue of the photo.

Oh Canada: Can you share one more Etsy photo tip?

Andrea: Have fun with photography, and try lots of different things.

Copyright 2010 Oh Canada and Blue Jeans Jewelry

Jul 20, 2010

Tag Workshop: Superstar Me Gift Box Soaps

Most Etsy sellers will tell you that having a really great first photo is the key to getting views, and ultimately, sales. It’s true that a fantastic and interesting photo invites people into your shop, but having really great tags is what helps you turn up in their searches. The Oh Canada Tag Workshop aims to help sellers find new ideas for tagging their items that will help shoppers find them.

Superstar Me Soap Gift Set by soapstar

Superstar Me Gift Box with Wooden Soap Dish
by soapstar

This week, our tag workshop will focus on a wonderful collection of all natural soaps by soapstar. The description reads:

If you want to bathe someone special in the spotlight with the perfect gift or just treat yourself to the starring role in your very own 'soap' opera - this fabulous 'soap box' is just the ticket!

This gift box listing includes 3 full size soaps of your choice, a wonderful wooden soap dish, a set of full colour postcards of the gorgeous locations that inspired the soaps and an extra soap sample from the soapstar range. All beautifully presented in an eco friendly Kraft box with gift tag.

Heather Lair Designs suggests these tags:

bath and beauty, wooden soap dish, ohcanadateam,
handmade, scented, woman, postcards,
ecofriendly, gift set, boxed, soap

Joanniel Creations recommends:

bath and beauty, handcrafted, cold process,
wooden dish, soap bar, gift box, diva,
scented, spa set, travel size,
refreshing, artisan, lather

Oh So Sweet Prints suggests:

bath and beauty, soap set, gift set,
handmade, gift box, soap dish, aroma,
natural, travel, cleansing bars, postcards,
calming, soothing, soapstarcanada

And the actual tags are:

bath and beauty, soap, scented,
pamper, boxed, soap dish, postcard,
handmade, natural, bath,
ohcanadateam, kraft, eco

Each list contains some great action keywords! These verb tags are a great way to reach out to new customers by describing what your products can do. When choosing creative terms for your tags, remember to avoid words that could possibly, or maybe, describe your products. Describe what your item is now, and what it actually does, and the right shoppers will find you!

For more great tagging ideas, visit:

Shop Makeover: Tagging for Success
Guidelines and Tips for Tagging on Etsy
Tag-o-rama with Descriptive Keywords
Etsy DOs and DON'Ts

Copyright 2010 Oh Canada Team and soapstar

Jul 16, 2010

Friday Finds: Summer Nights Necklace

Summer Nights Necklace by dsgnbyrj

Summer Nights Necklace
Originally uploaded by dsgndbyrj

Simplicity if a beautiful thing. Take this necklace for instance. The combination of round shells with simple teal, black and silver makes a big impact without being over the top. The uncomplicated design allows the gorgeous striped mother of pearl to take center stage, along with whoever wears it.

To see more charming jewelry designs with fantastic combinations of shape and color, visit Designed by RJ. You’ll find a wide variety of affordable handmade jewelry for every occasion.

Copyright 2010 Oh Canada and Designed by RJ

Jul 15, 2010

Shop Spotlight: bstudio

Hydrangea Card in Silk Ribbon Embroidery by bstudio

Have you ever had that moment when you find something so unique, and so beautiful, that you just have to have it? That is the effect that the designs of bstudio can have. The variety of pieces featuring gorgeous silk ribbon embroidery can make the princess in you do delighted cartwheels.

The artist, Brenda, has embellished cards, pillows and even jewelry featuring silk flowers, butterflies and hearts. Her classy designs have a lot of feminine appeal - exquisite enough for your most special occasions, and affordable enough for everyday. Oh Canada has put bstudio in the spotlight.

Oh Canada: Of all the things that you sell, which item or style is your favorite?

Brenda: That's a hard question to answer, it's like asking which one of your kids you like the best!

Lavender Sachet with Pink Butterfly by bstudio

The major part of my shop features my silk ribbon embroidery and that is my favourite style. My favourite item would have to be my silk ribbon butterfly pillows. I developed the design and sewing technique to make the butterflies myself. It was prompted by a request for a custom ring pillow, up until then I only had my dragonfly ring pillow in my shop, and my client asked if I could change the dragonfly to a butterfly.

The butterfly design has also brought about a request from the Managing Editor of the publication Somerset Home. Two of my pillows were featured in the annual 2009 edition along with a how-to article that I wrote.

Oh Canada: Where did you learn your skills?

Brenda: The silk ribbon embroidery skills are completely self taught from books, magazines and blogs. My Mum was always making me clothes when I was growing up and I learned to sew from her, I also had some sewing classes in high school and night school.

Yellow Ruffled Silk Ring by bstudio

Oh Canada: Everyone has different motivations for making their unique wares. What drives you to create?

Brenda: I have always had an innate sense to create and have been involved in art and design all my life.

In high school I took a unique arts course where we had three art teachers each specializing in different aspects of design. (We were also the first high school in our area to have nude models! We had to keep the window blinds closed and paper over the window in the classroom door whenever we had that class!)

In college I took a creative arts course where I was able to experiment with various mediums. After I graduated I landed a job in an interior design firm and that became my career.

My husband and I retired when we were both 55 and moved out of Toronto. As much as I loved gardening, it is a seasonal activity and I still needed to be creative. I started to focus more on my silk ribbon embroidery. Luckily I discovered Etsy and was delighted to find an outlet for my work!

Oh Canada: If you could learn to use any new technique or material, what would it be?

Brenda: Lately I've been thinking about smocking and incorporating it into some of my work. It has a really interesting look to it. I think it would look great having just one part of a pillow with some smocking on it or mounting a bit of it in a card.

White Flowers Jewelry Box by bstudio

Oh Canada: Any plans to incorporate a new product into your shop this year?

Brenda: I'm always thinking about what other smaller items I could introduce to my product line while still using my silk ribbon techniques so my shop has a cohesive look to it. I'll probably be introducing some hair combs, headbands and necklaces, all with silk ribbon flowers on them, into the lineup.

I'd also like to experiment with printing designs from my computer onto my silk dupioni fabric and then embellishing that with embroidery.

Oh Canada: What is your favorite thing about selling on Etsy?

Brenda: I love the fact that I can sell to people from all over the world from the comfort of my home. I'm a relatively shy person and not very good at talking myself up to sell to others, and I really don't like the task of having to go to store owners and ask if they'll carry my work.

Oh Canada: Do you have a number one tip for new sellers?

Brenda: Your photos are the most important aspect of your shop. A potential buyer can't pick up your item and examine it so you have to present your products clearly and in as much detail as possible, including your descriptions. Read everything that Etsy has to offer about how to improve your photos and your shop.

Oh Canada: What is your favorite thing to buy on Etsy?

Brenda: If I had the room there, are all sorts of neat retro housewares that I'd buy. I have purchased bath and body items, business related items like my business cards, and some of my supplies from Etsy.

Coral Butterflies Pillow by bstudio

Oh Canada: What is the number one best item in your shop right now?

Brenda: My dragonfly ring bearer's pillow - I've sold 18 of them. It's obviously not for every bride since it's geared more towards the nature loving outdoorsy sort, but it is unique. It even made it to the Front Page!

You can see all of Brenda’s fantastic designs in her Etsy shop, bstudio, or on Flickr. To catch up on her latest inspirations, visit the bstudio designs blog or follow her on Facebook. If you're interested in trying out silk ribbon embroidery, you can pick up Brenda's Ribbon Art Book & Kit on Amazon.

Copyright 2010 Oh Canada and bstudio

Jul 13, 2010

Tag Workshop: Embroidered Wool Purse

Most Etsy sellers will tell you that having a really great first photo is the key to getting views, and ultimately, sales. It’s true that a fantastic and interesting photo invites people into your shop, but having really great tags is what helps you turn up in their searches. The Oh Canada Tag Workshop aims to help sellers find new ideas for tagging their items that will help shoppers find them.

Embroidered Wool Purse by Heather Lair Designs
Thistle Embroidered Wool Suit Coat Purse
by Heather Lair Designs

This week, our tag workshop will focus on this unique upcycled purse by Heather Lair Designs. The description reads: This lovely little purse is made from parts of gently used wool suit coats. I construct the purse in pieces so I have an opportunity to embellish all over with embroidery. I developed a new design for this purse- thistle flowers and leaves!

This purse has a flap on the front that closes with a vintage button.
There is a patch pocket on the back for your cell phone, business cards or keys. Inside there are three pockets to help keep things organized.

soapstar suggests these tags:

bags & purses
, vintage, wool, grey,
recycled suit, upcycled, over the shoulder, thistle,
embroidery, buttons, pockets, herringbone tweed,
silk lining, ohcanadateam

Joanniel Creations recommends:

bags and purses, embroidery, upcycled,
wool, leaf, floral, patchwork, gray,
orange, vintage, artisan, ooak,
feminine, long strap

Oh So Sweet Prints suggests:

bags and purses, messenger purse, cross shoulder bag,
patchwork, wool, button embellishments, small,
purse, vintage, handmade, plaid,
grey, unique, one of a kind

And the actual tags are:

bags and purses, pouch, thistle, wool, gray,
leaves, embriodery, ohcanadateam, silk,
pockets, recycled wool, original,
buttons, heatherlairdesigns

Each list has some great style and technique keywords that real shoppers use. Even if you make very similar items, it’s important not to get into a tagging rut by using the same word combinations for every listing. Remember that tags can describe not only what an item is, but what makes it special as well.

For more tagging help, visit:

Tag-o-rama with Descriptive Keywords
Guidelines and Tips for Tagging on Etsy
Tagging for Success
Etsy DOs and DON’Ts

Follow the Oh Canada Team blog to see more great tag ideas every Tuesday!

Copyright 2010 Oh Canada Team and Heather Lair Designs

Jul 9, 2010

Friday Finds: Nairi Glass Pendant

Nairi Pendant by 72studios
Originally uploaded by 72studios.

Once the weather has really started to heat up, choosing the right accessories can make a big difference in how comfortable you are throughout the day. A light pendant like this one is a great way to show off your unique style, without weighing yourself down. The simple design also allows this necklace to be paired with just about any outfit - from a sundress to shorts and a tank.

Nairi is is a female Indonesian name that means "Kind One". The beautiful focal is an Indonesian Village artisan recycled glass bead. The cool blue and hints of color add a touch of ocean breeze! To see more one-of-a-kind and limited edition jewelry designs like this, visit 72studios.

Add the tag “OhCanadaTeam” to your searches on Etsy.com to see what our team has for you! Stay cool and stay safe this summer!

Copyright 2010 Oh Canada Team and 72studios

Jul 6, 2010

Tag Workshop: Pocket Fold Wedding Invitations

Most Etsy sellers will tell you that having a really great first photo is the key to getting views, and ultimately, sales. It’s true that a fantastic and interesting photo invites people into your shop, but having really great tags is what helps you turn up in their searches.

The Oh Canada Tag Workshop aims to help sellers find new ideas for tagging their items that will help shoppers find them. This week, we welcome our very first guest tagger Oh So Sweet Prints.

Pocket Fold Wedding Invitation Sample by Oh So Sweet Prints
Pocket Fold Wedding Invitation Sample
by Oh So Sweet Prints

Our first tag workshop of July will focus on these lovely handmade wedding invitations. The description reads:

Want to add glam and glitz to your layered wedding invitation? Why not use a pocket fold? When your guest receive it they will unwrap it like a present. Also, if you have lots to say a pocket fold may be the way to go. You can have three to four enclosures in one pocket fold and everything stays in place nice and neat. What a perfect way to get all your important details across to your guests.

soapstar suggests these tags:

weddings, invitation, reception, RSVP,
pocket fold, handmade, cardstock, dark blue, gold,
cream, personalized, envelope, customizable, sample.

Heather Lair Designs recommends:

weddings, invitations, pocket fold, blue,
Custom, lettering, gold, ribbon, ohsosweetprints,
RSVP, card, envelopes, paper

Joanniel Creations suggests:

weddings, invitation, personalized, elegant,
custom, announcement, save the date, stationary,
memorable, bridal, neutral, classic, paper goods, chic

And the actual tags are:

weddings, invitation, card, pocketfold,
personalized, layered, metallic, blue, cardstock,
gold, ribbon, reception card, RSVP card, oh so sweet prints

Each list has some excellent search terms that wedding planners and brides-to-be might use when looking for designs and ideas. Sometimes tagging is about creatively putting your item photographs into words. It is also important to make sure that the function or our design is clear, so that it can reach out to our target market.

For more help with Etsy tags check out:

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Follow the Oh Canada Team blog to see more great tag ideas every Tuesday!

Copyright 2010 Oh Canada Team and Oh So Sweet Prints

Jul 2, 2010

Friday Finds: Silk Ribbon Jewelry Box

Silk Ribbon Embroidered Jewelry Box by bstudio

Jewelry Box
Originally uploaded by bstudio18.

When you have a collection of special treasures, you need an extra special place to keep them. Whether you collect jewelry, pretty stones or sentimental keepsakes, there’s nothing like a decorative jewelry box for storing your favorite things.

Today’s Friday Find is a lovely jewelry box topped with silk ribbon embroidery. The assortment of white flowers and spring green accents add a touch of elegance to the spun gold tin. This beautiful design by bstudio would add a touch of class to any bedroom décor.

Want to see more? Whatever your tastes, chances are the Oh Canada Team has something for you! Include the phrase "OhCanadaTeam" in your searches on Etsy.com to see what our talented artists are making.

Copyright 2010 Oh Canada Team and bstudio

Jul 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Canada!

We made you these cards:

Canada Day Treasury by bstudio

Canada Day Treasury by Dalim

Canada Day Treasury by Dalim

Canada Day Treasury by Dollface DeVille

Canada Day Treasury by Janson Pottery

Canada Day Treasury by Simple Sundries

Canada Day Treasury by The Sage's Cupboard

And Oh Canada Team Member, Molly of Little Bear's Mom, would like to share her thoughts on Canada Day.

Canada Day, Montreal, 2009

Although I've lived in Canada for 15 years, last year was my very first Canada Day as a Canadian citizen. I moved here to do a graduate degree, met a guy, studied, worked, fell in love, had a child, and never left. Since I was originally here on a student visa I didn't begin to pursue citizenship until after my marriage. What a long and confusing process!

After jumping through so many hoops I finally got the call to take my test in the summer of 2008. This was closely followed by a citizenship ceremony that fall. I was so very happy that my mom just happened to be visiting at the time, and she sat in the audience holding my then 1 year old son as I proudly took my oath to my adopted country. Unfortunately, my husband was away on a business trip at the time, but he came back with a whole passel of Canadian souvenirs in the form of t-shirts, flag patches, pins and mugs.

Although I will never forget the country of my birth, I am extremely happy and proud to be a Canadian, and I will never forget that very first Canada Day - last year - that I celebrated as a full citizen.

Happy Canada Day!

Copyright 2010 Oh Canada Team

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